Security Washer

Product Description

Having an excellent temporary fence system is useless if you’re unable to ensure that it’s kept safe and secure from outsiders and intruders. That’s why we offer temp fence supplies and accessories designed to safeguard your temporary fencing solutions in a manner that’s easy to use and painless to implement. It is just as important to use high quality temp fencing accessories as it is to procure good fencing panels, as the use of poor quality accessories can disable an entire system.

Product Specifications

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Key Features

Our security washers are designed to safeguard your temporary fence components from theft or vandalism. They are extremely easy to install and once attached cannot be removed accept with our special application tool. All security washers are designed to be used with our couplers.

There are many good reasons to secure your temporary fence panels and accessories with our security washers. They are engineered to be seamlessly integrated into National Temporary Fencing’s fencing systems. They are designed to look subtle and do not call unnecessary attention to your efforts to safeguard your fencing equipment. Finally, they are an easy and inexpensive way to guarantee security, deter theft and promote safety on and around your site.