Crowd Control

Controlling crowds just got easier.

Effective crowd control is as much art as science. It requires flawless planning, fearless personnel and top notch equipment and infrastructure.

We help you out with that last part with our series of crowd control barriers, which are manufactured with safety and performance in mind.

Effective and safe crowd control

Crowd control barriers have several functions. The first is to channel crowds effectively. To this end, our crowd control barriers are sturdy and can be ordered in eye-catching yellow powdercoat to become unmissable in a crowd. Secondly, crowd control barriers play an important role in ensuring safety even in unruly crowds. All our crowd barriers can be bolted into the ground and are sturdy enough to withstand pressure.

Here are some reasons we are your first choice for crowd control solutions.

  • We deliver large volumes on short notice, making us a great option for time-sensitive events.
  • Our crowd control barriers are expertly made of durable galvanised steel and are both sturdy and safe.
  • We also offer yellow and custom powdercoat options. The latter is great for those who want to strengthen their company‚Äôs identity or tailor equipment to the event.

Controlling crowds is a lot easier and much less stressful with our top notch crowd control barriers and accessories.