Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How quickly can we receive our order?

Because our fencing panels are available at all times, delivery will be organised as soon as your order is finalised.

Are the fencing panels easy to install?

Yes. Our panels are designed to be lightweight making them extremely easy to install.

I don’t have room to store the fencing panels, what are my options?

We can help! We have various storage locations available around Australia. Contact us to find out more.

If I buy in bulk will I receive a better deal?

Definitely. If you’re buying a large quantity, talk to us to find out what we can offer!

Can we hire fencing rather than buying it?

National Temporary Fencing only sells the temporary fencing, it works out much more cost effective in the long run.

Are your prices competitive?

We are the most competitive temporary fencing supplier across Australia and would be surprised if you find a better deal!

Can we have our order delivered?

Absolutely, National Temporary Fencing delivers fencing supplies right across Australia including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. We always have a large amount of stock on hand and can ship immediately after your order is completed.

Is there a limit on how many panels can be purchased?

We always maintain a large stock of panels and will always have any quantity you require available. Call us to see what savings we can provide you when buying in bulk.

What makes National Temporary Fencing better than the rest?

National Temporary Fencing manufactures all of our panels in Australia allowing us to maintain a high standard of quality and an abundance of stock available locally. We guarantee our prices to be the most competitive when it comes to purchasing temporary fencing.