Mesh Safety Panels

Product Description

You can never be too careful when taking safety precautions. Our mesh safety panels are designed for use with our crash barriers, vertically extending the scope of coverage and protection. Affix them to the top of crash barriers to raise the height of your coverage.

Product Specifications

Product Code

Overall Length

Key Features

Our high quality mesh safety panels are extremely light and ridiculously portable and easy to install. They are also surprisingly sturdy, with screens of high quality mesh providing a high degree of protection.

Such mesh safety panels are often termed “anti-gawk screens”, and with the advantage of height they can provide much-needed privacy when screens are attached. If you have a work site you’d like to shield from the public eye or the site of an event you are not yet prepared to unveil to the public eye, anti-gawk screens are an excellent and secure way to protect an area from prying eyes.