Barrier Branding

Product Description

Temporary fencing offers you a fantastic way to strengthen your corporate identity without having to pay for expensive advertising space. We offer clients a whole range of branding and signage solutions, which can be used with all of our temp fences. Barrier branding can also serve a safety function by alerting visitors to hazards, or promote security by deterring trespassers.

Product Specifications

Product Code

Key Features

We manufacture fully customised signs of all sizes that can be featured on any of our temporary fencing panels. Whether you’re looking for a warning sign that can prevent intruders from entering, a hazard sign that highlights the need to wear safety equipment or a sign displaying the name of your company, we manufacture high quality solutions that are true to the original design.

We also provide crowd control branding solutions that are compatible with all of our temporary crowd control barrier options. These are especially popular with companies that want to gain publicity and strengthen their corporate identities by displaying their logos in a location that will see a large amount of human traffic. Our branding solutions enable your company to get the kind of publicity that usually only comes at a hefty price.